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Introducing the SmartLocker lockable, secure, roller door garden shed — the perfect storage solution for your outdoor space.

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional garden sheds with our innovative roller door design. Our sheds feature a smooth and easy-to-use lockable roller door, which provides quick and easy access to your stored items.

Three Sizes — Seven Colours

Made from with full corrugated steel cladding, safe, secure and strong storage system built like a garage — lockable roller door access ideal for our most valued items, bikes, kayaks, tools.

For added security and safety masonary anchors are provided to secure your Spanbilt Garden Shed to your slab or foundations.

Please note SmartLockers take four weeks to manufacture as they are made to your order. We do not keep stock.

We can deliver to your door for a set fee of $650 (SmartLockers weigh up to 300kgs so require a truck and crane for delivery) or you can collect from the nearest Mainfreight Depot for no charge.

100% Australian Made

Pay Later

15+ Years Warranty

Customer Support

Shed styles for the Aussie Garden

Regardless of the size of your outdoor space, a plethora of storage solutions awaits you within our extensive range of garden sheds. Dive into our guide that provides a quick snapshot of how your next outdoor undertaking can help alleviate your storage woes.

What style of shed resonates with your needs?

Begin your journey by aligning a shed style with both your indoor and outdoor storage requirements, as well as the architectural design of your home.

Garden Depot’s selection of resilient sheds offers an array of stylish and economical solutions designed to complement your lifestyle.

Choosing a garden shed that seamlessly blends functionality with the aesthetic of your home is key. The shed’s roofing style serves as the most pragmatic factor to consider.

Gable Roof Sheds

These classically styled sheds are characterized by their triangular pitch shape, providing an ideal resilient and low-maintenance option. Rain and snow simply slide off their sloped roofs, adding to their durability.

Their peaked roof structure encourages better ventilation and imparts a perception of ample space compared to other roof designs. Additional benefits of our most sought-after shed structure include:

A timeless roofing choice exuding elegance

Options for single or double-hinged doors for your shed

Additional central height for storing taller items

When shopping, note the letter 'G' in the shed description, such as Yardstore G56 – indicating it comes with a Gable roof.

Flat Roofed Sheds

These are your best bet when dealing with space constraints. Despite their name, these sheds feature a low-pitched, skillion roof, exuding a minimalist design that effortlessly merges with your home or fencing. Their easy-to-assemble nature makes them a favourite amongst DIY enthusiasts. The single-sloping roof ensures minimal accumulation of water and debris.

Its uncomplicated design makes it an affordable purchase and easy to assemble. The roof style is perfectly suited for specific weather conditions.

Ideal for cyclone-prone regions Ease of repair due to the lower slanted roof. Take note of the letter 'F' in the shed description, such as Yardstore F63 — this indicates it comes with a Flat roof.

Storemate Sheds

Are there numerous bikes and small items scattered around your property? If you need additional storage space, our versatile Storemate Sheds provide an ideal solution for your outdoor storage demands. This multi-functional solution is designed to fit seamlessly into all types of backyards, providing a secure space for your valuable items.

With hinged double doors at the front and an openable roof, moving items in and out becomes a breeze.

These compact steel storage units make room for essential recreational equipment and lifestyle items. Use them to store firewood, barbeque sets, or garbage bins, helping maintain cleanliness and order in your surroundings.

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