10 Must-Have Accessories for Your Garden Shed

For any gardening or DIY enthusiast, a shed is more than just a place to store tools. It's a sanctuary, a workspace, and an organisation station. But without proper storage solutions, even the tidiest shed can quickly become a jumbled mess of shovels, rakes, lumber and half-empty pots. Clutter will take over, making it frustrating and time-consuming to find what you need.

The good news? With some clever accessories, you can maximise every inch of your shed's storage potential. Shelving, hooks, bins and other organisational must-haves will help you optimise vertical space, keep like items together, and access things easily. A well-designed storage system allows you to cope with the ongoing battle against clutter.

In this article, we'll share ten of the top accessories every Australian gardener needs in their shed. These storage solutions will help you make the most of your valuable shed real estate, from sturdy shelves to handy pegboards. You'll find ideas to organise all your gardening gear, outdoor power tools, seasonal decorations and more.

Follow our tips to create a shed that looks great and functions even better. A place for everything and everything in its place is possible. Read on to discover the ten must-have accessories that will revolutionise your garden shed storage!

1. Shelving Utilise Vertical Space

One of the best ways to maximise shed storage is to use vertical space. Floor-to-ceiling shelving along the walls provides plenty of room to organise all your gear neatly. Sturdy shelving units allow you to store heavier items up high that you won't need regular access.

We recommend a heavy-duty steel shelving unit like the 1.8M 5-Tier Unit from Garden Depot. Constructed from strong steel, each shelf can be evenly distributed up to 200kg. With multiple shelves, you can store bulky bags of potting mix, fertiliser, and tools like lawnmowers and whipper snippers, or even use it as a bookshelf for gardening manuals.

The open shelves allow visibility to find what you need quickly. For a more enclosed solution, you can always add plastic bins. Just measure your shed first to find the right-sized shelving unit. Having adjustable shelves is ideal for storing items of various heights.

Proper shelving helps you utilise all the available space in your shed, keeping things neat, visible and easily accessible. It transforms wasted vertical real estate into valuable storage territory.

2. Hooks Keep Tools in Their Place

For avid gardeners, tidying up your tools and equipment can be a constant battle. When shovels, rakes, hoses, and more are just haphazardly leaning against walls, they fall into disorganised heaps.

Installing simple hooks throughout your shed provides a designated spot to hang each item correctly. Multi-purpose hooks are ideal for creating an orderly tool storage system.

These heavy-duty steel hooks can hold up to 15kg each. Screw them into your shed walls, frames, or solid boards to create customised hanging storage. Use them to hang long-handled tools upside down, keeping the floor clear. Or mount them horizontally to hang hoses, extension cords and more.

Having everything hooked keeps tools off the floor so they don't get buried. It also prevents damage to the blade and tip edges. Quickly scan your shed walls to see what you need. The right hooks make it fast and easy to access your most-used gear.

3. Bins To Keep Things Sorted

Plastic storage bins are a shed staple for organising and grouping your items.

Bins of all shapes and sizes can store your items ideally, with options for wall mounting or floor storage. You can label each bin clearly and then neatly sort and store your tools, fasteners, gardening accessories and seasonal decorations.

Smaller bins are perfect for grouping similar items like screws, nails, glue sticks etc. Medium bins can hold hand tools, seed packets and pots. Use the large bins for sports balls, folding chairs and bigger equipment.

Having see-through bins makes it easy to identify what's inside without unpacking everything. The bins clip on and off the mounted boards so you can take them to where you need them. A wall-mounted rack keeps your storage organised and up off the floor.

Investing in a quality storage system pays dividends by saving you time hunting for buried items. Grouped bins let you stash equipment tidily and find things fast.

4. Racking Stores Long Items

Wall-mounted racking is invaluable for storing long, awkward items like lumber, PVC pipes, fishing rods, and more. Proper racking gets these cumbersome items up off the floor and neatly organised.

There are two main types of racking to consider:

  • Vertical racking uses individual hooks or pegs to hang items vertically. This is ideal for ladders, hoses, poles, and trim. Space the pegs or hooks at whatever interval you need to support the item.

  • Horizontal racking consists of long metal braces or shelving ledges to lay items flat across. Use these for lumber, PVC pipes, rails, and other long-thin items. Look for adjustable horizontal racks so you can customise the space between shelves.

When installing any racking, ensure it is securely mounted into wall studs. Weight capacity is also key. For heavy items like lumber, choose heavy-duty steel racking rated for at least 45kg per shelf. Proper wall-racking makes the most of vertical storage while keeping awkward elongated items orderly and untangled.

5. Workbenches To Provide Sturdy Surfaces

For any avid DIYer or gardener, a sturdy workbench is essential for your shed. Workbenches create a dedicated workspace with a rigid, flat surface ideal for completing projects.

When selecting a workbench, consider the following criteria:

  • Size – Choose a width and depth that allows enough workspace without overcrowding your shed. Standard sizes range from 1200mm to 2400mm wide.

  • Material – Wood, steel and thick plastic are common workbench materials. Steel legs and a hardwood or plastic top offer strength and durability.

  • Storage – Opt for a workbench with lower shelves or drawers to keep tools and materials organised and nearby.

  • Placement – Situate your workbench to take advantage of natural light but avoid glare from direct sunlight.

  • Portability – Mobile workbenches with lockable casters allow you to reposition easily.

A quality workbench with ample workspace improves organisation by containing messy tasks in one dedicated spot. It provides a stable base for cutting, drilling, potting and other shed projects. Add customised tool holders, hooks and storage compartments to keep essentials within arm's reach. A sturdy workbench is the centrepiece of any productive garden shed.

6. Pegboards Offer Flexible Storage

Pegboards mounted on your shed walls provide flexible storage options for smaller tools, accessories and lightweight items. The perforated board has evenly spaced holes, allowing you to customise hook and holder placement to suit your needs.

Pegboard storage helps organise all those little items like pruners, trowels, spray bottles, cables, scissors, twine, etc. Look for kit options that include hooks, baskets, bins and shelves to mix and match.

Using pegboard allows you to rearrange components anytime as your storage needs change. The visible organisation also makes it quick to grab what you need. Arrange frequently used tools within easy reach.

When mounting the pegboard, ensure it's on plywood or another solid backing for strength. Install top-quality pegboard made from durable plastics like polypropylene, which won't bend under weight. Sturdy pegboard that covers entire walls maximises your shed's versatile vertical storage.

7. Utility Carts Increase Mobility

A rolling utility cart is one of the handiest accessories in your shed. These movable carts provide a sturdy platform with wheels to conveniently transport tools, pots, soil bags, and other cargo around your workspace.

Utility carts allow you to corral messy items and keep them mobile neatly. Look for solid carts with pneumatic tires that can easily traverse grass, gravel and uneven terrain.

Consider your needs when choosing a utility cart's weight capacity, tray material, and handle height. Foldable models are great for compact storage when not in use.

A quality utility or garden cart can haul hefty loads without strain. Use it to collect garden waste for trips to the compost bin. Easily roll larger pots into position across the yard. With a utility cart, heavy or messy items around your shed stay organised and portable.

8. Cabinets Keep Items Enclosed

Enclosed storage cabinets are ideal for items you want to keep protected and out of sight. Lockable cabinets allow you to securely stash chemicals, valuables, and other hazardous or sensitive contents.

The Outdoor Storage Cabinet designed for weather-resistant security is a great long-term option. It features a premium plastic construction that is rust and corrosion-proof. The lockable double doors keep your contents sealed off and safe from curious children or pets.

Inside, the adjustable shelves and pegboard provide customisable storage options. Shelves can hold up to 6kg for your heftier gear. Use the hooks to hang coils of the hose and rope. The 1730mm height creates ample space for larger equipment.

Having cabinets interspersed with open shelving allows you to segregate items as needed. Enclosed cabinets stow gear securely while the open racks allow visibility. Invest in high-quality outdoor cabinets to safely organise risky or fragile contents.

9. Ventilation Regulates Temperature

Proper ventilation is crucial for regulating temperature and airflow in your shed. Stale, humid air can quickly make a shed feel unbearable in summer and encourage mould growth.

There are several types of ventilation to consider installing:

  • Roof Vents - Roof-mounted vents with electric fans effectively draw hot air up and out. Position near the roof ridge.

  • Gable Vents - Vents installed at gable ends allow passive air exchange. Screened vents prevent bugs/debris.

  • Eave Vents - Intake vents at the eave area improve circulation. Partner with roof vents for airflow.

  • Windows - Operable windows offer ventilation control. Ensure windows are shaded and have screens.

  • Door Grates - Grates or gaps at the base of doors facilitate low airflow.

Optimising ventilation prevents overheating and removes humidity. Work with natural breeze patterns for best results. Proper ventilation transforms your shed into a pleasant, temperate workspace year-round.

10. Proper Lighting Improves Visibility

Visibility inside your shed is hugely improved with proper lighting solutions. Mix natural, task, and accent lighting options to illuminate your space entirely.

Letting natural light in with products such as Skylights enhances brightness without electricity. A skylight installs easily into your roof, allowing daylight to filter through. Position it to avoid glare yet cast light where you need it most.

Supplement natural light with LED task lighting aimed at key work areas. Under-shelf lights illuminate countertops and workbenches. Position adjustable clamp lights or strip lighting to see into dim corners.

Accent lighting adds overall brightness. LED floodlights or tube lighting overhead create an ambient glow. Install switches to control all your lights separately.

Combining natural, task and accent lighting removes dark shadows so you can see anywhere in your shed. Quality lighting fixtures also provide illumination when working at night or overcast days.

Ready to make the most of your shed with accessories? We can help!

Getting your garden shed storage perfectly organised is achievable with the right accessories tailored to your needs. Products like shelving, bins, cabinets and workbenches help you neatly categorise your tools, equipment, and supplies. 

Install handy hooks, racks and pegboards to take advantage of vertical space while keeping your gear visible and accessible. Don’t forget essentials like quality lighting and ventilation to enhance your shed's comfort and function.

Visit or contact Garden Depot today to shop our wide range of storage solutions. Our team of experts can help you design a customised shed organisation that maximises every inch of your available space. Perfect storage accessories take your shed from cluttered chaos to tidy efficiency. A place for everything and everything in its place is possible. Get organised and enjoy your dream workspace with help from Garden Depot.

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