Safely burning with your Fire Pit

Safely burning with your Fire Pit

Please check the appropriate authorities in your area for regulations about burning outdoors.

Always install your firepit on a stable, level and non-combustible surface such as concrete or brick. Once lit, never leave your fire unattended.  Be aware of sparks, use a screen, always have a fire extinguisher handy, and be sure it's in working order.

Get into the habit of cleaning your firepit and fireplace regularly by removing and disposing of ash as this will prolong the life of your fire pit. Always check there are no live embers or coals when you do this. Use a metal container to store and carry the ash.

For the best fire, select dry wood to burn. Hardwood is best because it burns hotter, more completely and creates less smoke. However, to start the fire you need to use softwood kindling and either paper or firelighters. Don't use treated pine or accelerants such as petrol to light or rekindle the fire. Never throw petrol on the fire when lit this is extremely dangerous.

When cooking on your outdoor fireplace, use quality utensils that have long handles and are made from cast iron.

Always watch children and pets around outdoor heaters and particularly open fires.

Be safe, not sorry, and enjoy the ambience of your Fire Pit