Storage Solutions for Small Garden Sheds

If you have a tiny garden shed, you know how challenging it can be to keep all your tools, garden equipment, and accessories organised and stored neatly. The limited space in a small shed often means things end up cluttered on the floor or crammed haphazardly onto shelves.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! With some clever storage solutions, you can transform even the tiniest garden shed into an organised oasis.

In this blog post, we’ll explore creative ways to maximise every inch of your small garden shed’s storage capacity. You’ll discover space-saving techniques for installing shelves, wall hooks, specialised racks, cabinets and other organisers to accommodate everything you need to store neatly.

Whether you need to organise long-handled tools, pots and planters, or other gardening accessories, handy solutions can help. Get ready to turn your messy, cramped shed into a tidy, efficient space you’ll love spending time in. Let’s get organised!

The Challenges of Small Garden Sheds

The main challenge with small garden sheds is the limited floor space. With only a few square feet to work with, every inch of the floor becomes valuable real estate.

Fitting bulky storage solutions like large shelving units or cabinets takes a lot of work. The cramped floor plan also means you can’t leave items strewn about—everything needs a proper storage spot.

Another area for improvement is low ceilings. With limited vertical space, you can’t simply install high shelves or place items up overhead. And finally, small sheds often need more wall space as well.

With few walls to affix storage hooks, racks and organisers, it restricts where you can provide storage spots. The cramped quarters of a tiny garden shed make organisation difficult, but as we’ll discuss next, creative ways exist to overcome these challenges.

Best Garden Shed Storage Ideas

When dealing with a small garden shed, it’s important to utilise storage solutions that maximise vertical space and have a minimal footprint. Let’s explore some great shed storage ideas to help organise your tiny shed.

Wall-Mounted Tool Racks

Installing wall-mounted tool racks, strips, and specialised holders allows you to vertically organise shovels, rakes, brooms, and other long-handled tools. This keeps them up off the floor and frees up valuable floor space.

Stagger the heights for the easiest access. Similarly, folding chairs, which can collapse into the wall or are actually attached to the table, can give you much more space when you’re not using them.

Ceiling-Mounted Storage

Make use of wasted overhead space by installing ceiling-mounted racks and shelves. Use them to store lightweight items or hang frequently used garden tools overhead and within reach. Suspended storage gets items up out of the way.

Narrow Shelving Units

Look for narrow, wall-mounted shelving units to maximise your small shed’s footprint. Avoid bulky, freestanding shelves and opt for tiered, staggered shelves to double your storage.

Stackable Plastic Bins

Stackable plastic bins are great for organising garden accessories. Stack them up vertically to save on floor space. Label the bins clearly so you can easily find what you need. A simple labelling system is one of the best shed storage ideas.

Hang Long-Handled Tools

Shovels, rakes, and brooms can be hung vertically on specialty racks or wall hooks. This saves space and keeps long tools neatly stowed but easily accessible. Any keen DIYer will have a good selection of power tools tucked away in their garden storage shed.

Utilise Door Space

Take advantage of the often-forgotten space of shed doors by hanging sturdy storage shelves or racks on the back. Use it to store small tools, gloves, and other accessories.

Cabinets for Small Spaces

Maximise vertical storage with wall-mounted cabinets designed for tight spaces. Avoid wide, bulky cabinets and opt for tall, narrow designs to save precious floor space.

Maximising Corner Space

Remember to utilise corner space in your small garden shed. Corners often need to be used more when they could provide prime real estate for extra storage.

Install corner wall-mounted shelves to make use of wasted space. Angle the shelves to fit neatly into the corners. You can use them to store small pots, seed packets, spray bottles and other essentials.

Another option is corner-mounted vertical tool racks. These allow you to store long-handled tools upright in the corner. The vertical storage saves floor space.

Just make sure to measure properly so the handles don’t extend out too far. And remember to anchor any corner shelves or racks securely to support the weight properly.

Taking advantage of corner space allows you to eke out every last bit of available storage in your tiny garden shed. Those overlooked corners can provide the perfect home for oft-used tools and accessories.

Storing Pots and Planters

Pots and planters can quickly eat up floor space if not stored properly in a small shed. Luckily, some smart storage solutions keep them neatly organised and up off the floor.

Install wall-mounted pot racks to hang pot hooks or set them on shelves. Under-bench pot racks are another option if you have a workbench or shelving unit.

Sliding pot racks on casters are great since you can roll them out of the way when needed. For planters, consider stackable, tiered planter stands. You can neatly arrange planters on multiple levels to save space.

Dolly carts with shelves are also useful for easily wheeling potted plants in and out of the shed as needed. The key is to avoid piling loose pots on the floor. Use vertical storage solutions and mobile carts to neatly store pots and planters while maximising your limited floor space.

Get the Most Out of Your Tiny Garden Shed

With a bit of creativity and the right storage solutions, even the smallest garden shed can be transformed into an organised storage wonderland. You can neatly accommodate all gardening tools and accessories using vertical space, multi-tiered organisers, and products designed to maximise small spaces. Don’t let a cramped shed stop you from pursuing your gardening passion.

Next time you are looking for storage ideas to optimise your tiny garden shed, be sure to stop by your local Garden Depot. Our knowledgeable staff can recommend space-saving storage systems to keep your shed clutter-free.

We carry a wide selection of racks, shelves, cabinets and other organisers sized perfectly for small garden sheds. Contact us today to get started designing your dream organised shed – no matter the size!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good options for wall-mounted storage in a small shed?

Wall-mounted tool racks, narrow shelving units, wall-mounted pot racks, and heavy-duty wall hooks are great wall storage options for small sheds. You can hang tools, pots, and other supplies to maximise vertical space.

How can I utilise the ceiling space in my shed?

Consider installing ceiling-mounted racks or shelves to take advantage of overhead storage space. Use them to store lightweight items or hang long-handled tools overhead.

What kind of shelves work best in small sheds?

Narrow, wall-mounted shelving units are ideal for small garden sheds. You can also use corner shelves and stackable shelving to maximise your footprint. Avoid bulky, freestanding shelving units.

How should I store long-handled tools in a cramped shed?

Use wall-mounted tool racks, overhead ceiling storage, or specially designed long-handle tool holders to neatly store shovels, rakes, brooms, and other long tools vertically. This saves floor space.

What’s the best way to store pots and planters in a small shed?

Use wall-mounted pot racks, under bench racks, or tiered planter stands to organise pots and planters neatly. You can hang them or stack them to save floor space.

How can I maximise storage using the door space in my shed?

Install an over-the-door storage rack or hang shelves on the back of the door to utilise this often-overlooked space. Use it for small tools, gloves, and other accessories.

What kind of cabinetry works in small garden sheds?

Cabinetry designed for small spaces, like wall-mounted cabinets, slender utility cabinets, and modular storage cubes, are great options. Avoid bulky, full-size cabinets that will overcrowd your shed. Prioritise vertical cabinets over wide horizontal units.