The Ultimate Guide to Tool Storage Solutions for Your Garden Shed

If you're like most gardeners, the sight of your cluttered, chaotic garden shed makes you want to turn around and walk away. Shovels, rakes and clippers strewn across the floor; pots and fertiliser bags stacked precariously; no clear space to walk or work - it's an organisational nightmare! But with some planning and smart storage solutions, you can transform that messy shed into a tidy, tool-filled oasis.

In this ultimate guide, we'll explore designs, DIY projects, and products to help you organise your gardening tools and equipment in the storage shed. With handy shelving, hooks, cabinets, bins and more, you can create specialised homes for everything from tiny seed packets to hefty wheelbarrows. We'll also cover storage gardening tips and mistakes to avoid to help keep your tools usable and protected.

Follow our shed tool storage guide to finally reclaim your space from the jumble of shovels, rakes, hoses and clippers taking over. Get inspired to declutter and arrange your shed to boost efficiency and make gardening less of a chore this season. Your dream of an organised, functional garden shed starts now!

Storage Solutions for Long-Handled Tools

Long-handled tools like shovels, rakes, hoes and pruners can quickly overwhelm a small garden shed. Storing these lengthy tools efficiently maximises your valuable space and makes them easy to access. Several effective options for getting long-handled tools up off the floor and neatly arranged.

Vertical tool racks

Vertical tool racks let you store long tools handle-side up in a tidy line. They can be mounted to the wall or freestanding. 

Opt for a rack deep enough to accommodate the heads of your tools without cramming. Racks with individual slots or dividers keep each tool separate. Lean tools with care to avoid straining under their weight.

Wall-mounted hooks

Heavy-duty hooks mounted along the shed wall provide another spot to hang long tools vertically. Stagger hooks at different heights to accommodate tools of various lengths. 

Space hooks at least 12 inches apart to keep handles from tangling. Use sturdy hooks rated for the weight of metal garden tools to avoid accidents.

Ceiling-mounted racks

Hanging long-handled tools from the ceiling is a space-efficient option in high-ceiling sheds. Use strong brackets or a prefabricated overhead rack system to mount tools securely. 

Position racks away from aisles to avoid bumping heads. Ensure ceilings have suitable support beams first.

Bungee tool racks

Flexible bungee tool racks allow you to slide tools in and out quickly to access your needs. Mount them horizontally or vertically. The elastic bungees conform to different tool handles and keep them from shifting around. They help maximise small wall areas, too.

Storage Solutions for Smaller Tools

Small hand tools like pruners, trowels, and scissors can easily be misplaced in a crowded shed. Use these storage solutions to organise all those smaller garden implements.

Mounted Shelves

Installing shelving units on the wall provides a spot to arrange and display smaller gardening tools neatly. Look for solid shelves with retention lips to keep items from sliding off. 

Shelves should be deep enough to hold tools without sticking out too far. Place commonly used tools on middle shelves for convenient access.

Slatted wall panels

Wall panels with regular wood slats or square slots are great for holding small tools and garden gloves. Mount panels horizontally at comfortable heights. You can also outline tool shapes on the panels to create custom outlines for each item.


Pegboards with movable pegs or hooks allow you to customise tool storage arrangements. Look for pegboards with smaller peg holes, ideal for securing smaller tools like pruners. Separate each tool type into its own area.

Cabinetry or drawers

Storage cabinets and drawers keep tiny garden items contained while protecting them from dust and moisture. Mount shallow drawers for seed packets. Deeper drawers can hold gloves, pruners, and other implements. Use see-through bins for easy tool identification.

Utility carts

A rolling utility cart adds mobile storage for small tools, seeds, and other gardening ideas and accessories. Look for carts with shelves, interior bins and drawers to contain items neatly. A locking cart will keep your hang garden tools secure.

Storage Solutions for Yard Equipment

Larger yard tools and equipment like wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, and power trimmers can be difficult to manage in a small shed. Use wall-mounted brackets or vertical racks to hold wheelbarrows and long trimmers upright. 

You can hang ladders horizontally on the ceiling or vertically on hooks. Designate an area of the shed specifically for hazardous chemicals, fuels, and fertilisers to contain better and separate them. 

Install floor mounting strips or racks to neatly park riding mowers without taking up too much space. Place portable lawn mower ramps against the wall when not in use. Use hooks to hang coiled hoses and extension cords off the solid floor. 

Take time to drain properly and clean equipment before long-term shed storage. Finally, make sure to leave walkways and work areas clear, even with large equipment inside. Prioritising the organisation of bulky yard tools will make your shed function efficiently.

How to Store Tools in a Garden Shed

Effectively storing store garden tools in your garden shed starts with assessing what you need to organise and determining the most accessible layout. It's always worth considering clever ways to sort out your space – a properly managed setup will make your life easier and everything look better. 

Designate specific areas or containment for long-handled tools, small hand tools, yard equipment, chemicals, and accessories. Install storage solutions like slatted panels, racks, hooks, and shelves to keep items neatly arranged off the ground. 

Place commonly used tools in easy-to-reach spots. Keep sharp and hazardous tools safely contained but only partially out of sight. Label storage areas clearly for easy tool return. 

Clean items before storing them, and regularly inspect for rust or damage. Additionally, consider protective storage containers or cabinets to shield metal tools from humidity and corrosion. 

Avoid overcrowding and make the most of vertical wall space. With some planning and customised storage installations, you can transform your shed into an efficient, well-organised tool headquarters.

General Storage Tips

Aside from specific storage solutions, there are several overall best practices that can facilitate an organised, functional garden shed. Take time to properly label storage areas, hooks, shelves, and cabinets so everything has a designated place. Come up with a consistent labelling or colour-coding system. 

Strategically store the most commonly used tools in the most accessible central locations. Protect metal tools from moisture and rust by cleaning and drying them before storage in bins, cabinets or hooks. Assess your indoor or outdoor space and avoid overcrowding shelves and hooks, which can lead to damaged tools. 

Check tools periodically for any developing rust or other issues. Invest in wide, high-quality hooks, racks and storage items that will withstand tool weight and last. 

Also, consider adding windows, skylights or battery-powered lights so you can actually see what you’re doing in the shed! Keeping walkways and work areas clear is essential for easy access. Follow these tips for maximising organisation and efficiency when storing garden tools.


What are some good options for hanging long-handled tools like rakes and shovels?

Long-handled tools can be stored using wall-mounted racks, using hooks to hang behind the shed door,  or bungee cords. Vertical racks keep tools inside upright and accessible, while hooks keep them off the floor. Bungee tool racks allow you to slide more tools in and out easily.

How can I store smaller gardening hand tools?

Smaller tools like pruners, trowels and cultivators can be organised on mounted shelves, slatted porch wall panels, or pegboards. Drawers and cabinets also work well for containing these smaller implements.

What should I use to corral hoses, cords and other flexible items?

Hose reels, wall-mounted hooks, and brackets help keep long, flexible items like hoses, extension cords and ropes neatly stored and untangled. Vertical or horizontal mounting options are available.

How can I protect my tools from damage or rust?

Store tools off concrete floors using racks, hooks or shelves. Clean tools after use and lubricate any moving joints. Use cabinetry, bins or drawers to contain metal tools and prevent moisture contact. Avoid overcrowding storage to limit scratches.

Keep Your Garden Shed Neat and Tools Rust-free

After reading this ultimate guide, you now have the key information to get your chaotic garden shed back in order. By implementing customised storage solutions like the ones outlined, you can keep all types of power tools tidy and easily accessible. 

Proper organisation saves time, protects your investments, and makes gardening less of a headache. Remember—it doesn't have to take over your life to get your shed storage in shape. You can transform your tool shed into a functional workspace with some strategic DIY installations, labels, and maintenance.

For additional garden tool storage ideas or help to get organised, contact our team at Garden Depot. Our experts can provide personalised recommendations for storage projects to maximise your unique shed space and needs. We can help you select ideal racks, hooks, bins and more for all your tools. Contact us today to get started designing your dream organised shed!

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